Story and Photo by Warner Otto


As hurricane Irma was prepared to hit on Monday September 11th, we all had to prepare for the storm. It’s important for us to be ready if a hurricane does hit, but all hurricane Irma brought was strong winds and plenty of rain. According to math teacher Loribeth Lee, “You [should] get plenty of water and make sure that you have all of your essentials in a bag, like a flashlight, a candle, water, any medicines or medications or anything like that and have it ready to go if you have to go somewhere.

It takes lots of preparation and materials in order to be prepared for a hurricane. It’s important when you have a hurricane coming to be ready for anything that has a chance of happening.

“It’s better to be prepared for something that’s not going to happen than be unprepared for something that is going to happen. If you’re not prepared, it can damage a lot more things and hurt a lot more people,” junior Felicity Collum said.

With this month being hurricane season, we should always make sure that we are ready for anything. We can never predict if a hurricane will come or not, so we should always have a plan.

“I don’t think we’re ever ready for a hurricane to come, but I think I’m prepared as much as possible, as much as I can be,” Lee said.

If people don’t plan out what they should do in a hurricane, then it could put people in a dangerous situation. According to senior Katherine Baxley, “It’s important because if you don’t, things can turn out a lot worse.”

People also need to know what to bring with them in order to survive a hurricane. The most important things to help you survive like food, water, first aid, flashlight, battery powered radio, and extra batteries.

“I make sure we have plenty of food and water and flashlights,” Katherine said.

When a hurricane comes you don’t know what the outcome of the hurricane could be, the power can get knocked out and you need to have some sort of outside connection to know what is going on. According to Felicity, “Hhaha, no, no way possible. Our windows aren’t boarded up, we still have water from Irma so we’re prepared for that I guess, and we have a generator so we’d have power, but we wouldn’t have anything to keep like our cars from getting damaged and stuff.”

You have to make sure to have backup plans in order to have the right materials and to make sure you have proper connection to know what’s going on in the outside world.

“I usually watch the news, talk to my parents about it, and look at the group chat to see what’s going on,” freshman Carson Ellis said.

After a hurricane has passed it’s important to make sure you help the people who have been through devastation and destruction as much as  possible.

“I would donate money to people who need it and i would go and help people whose houses need to be rebuilt,” sophomore Carson Massengale said.

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