Story written by Caroline Harvey, Photo by Warner Otto

As the 2017-2018 school year reaches its first interim, the students of Dutch Fork High School prepare for the first pep rally of the year.

“Student Council plans the pep rallies by first making an outline of everything we want to do,” junior Abrielle Brown said.

Planning and preparing for pep rallies takes a lot of time and work, so the students and teachers heading it up follow an agenda to get everything done.

“I don’t do a lot with it. Mostly Mrs. Humphrey and her students [plan it]. I’m sure they have an agenda where they go over music, games, and cheers,” English teacher Betsy Hirsch said.

During pep rallies, the pep club wants everyone to interact and participate as much as possible. There are many activities that involve everyone.

“In the past I’ve done the teacher dance and cheer along with the kids,” Hirsch said.

During pep rallies, most students stay standing and cheer on fellow peers to support them. Pep rallies are all about keeping up the school spirit.

“During the pep rallies, I am loud and I stand,” sophomore Drew Walsh said.

While pep rallies are a lot of fun, there are many difficult parts in conducting a pep rally.

Freshman Cameron Potter said that one of the hardest parts during a pep rally is keeping students under control.

While keeping students under control is a potential issue, another concern before the pep rally is finding games that everyone will have fun participating in.

“[The hardest part is] trying to find things that all the students have in common and to see what they might enjoy,” senior Paige Harris said.

Although preparing for a pep rally comes with difficulties, there are many easy preparations that come with it as well.

“[The easiest part is] Probably coming up with the games. It’s fun to see what other ideas people suggest,” Paige said.

Spirit weeks also provide an easy portion of pep rallies. Student council comes up with themes for each day of the week leading up to the pep rally.

“[An easy part is] what you need to wear maybe because you could just tell them what to wear,” Cameron said.

Spirit week is also a great way to get students excited for the pep rally.

“The easiest part of planning a pep rally is spirit week and the spirit week to go into the pep rally and just getting everyone really excited for it,” Abrielle said.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into a pep rally. Students spend weeks planning, but it all comes down to the week of the pep rally.

“[We run] it on the A day before it happens and then make sure everything’s in place to have a great pep rally,” Abrielle said.

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