Story by Alexandria Sessions

Deciding what to wear for Halloween may be out of the question for Dutch Fork students.

The two most asked questions in October are ‘Who or what are you going to be for Halloween?’ and ‘Aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?’ and the answer politically, is yes.

According to Today News, many cities, including Bishopville, S.C. are limiting trick-or-treating to ages twelve and under.

Technically, many teenagers are breaking the law and didn’t even realize it!

An article published in 2010 by Dean Potter is a spooky discovery.

The website for South Carolina’s state code of law states nothing on the lines of a curfew, age limit, or Halloween for that matter.

It appears  that an age limit to trick or treating is an implied rule and fortunately is not heavily enforced by South Carolina’s police departments, because there are other cities fining teens $100 for dressing up and asking for candy.

Why would there be a reason to age limit trick-or treating? It’s all in the title.

Tricks on Halloween night are pretty cruel but to be honest: it’s the best part. However, throwing toilet paper on a neighbor’s house is petty and extremely hard to clean up. Another example is scaring the heck out of elderly people—or anyone for that matter.

Here are some ideas of pranks that will not damage anyone’s property provided by Fox News.

Instead of a classic skimpy costume, go to work disguised sick . Get out of work by looking sick, makeup goes a long way!

Make caramel onions and give them to a couple of friends. All there is to do is equip an apple-looking onion, cover it in caramel wrap, and enjoy!

Better yet giving out anything that isn’t candy, for example, answer the door and pretend to be ready to hand out screws. Boy, will that have the trick-or-treaters confused!

The awesome thing is charges on these do not exist unless anyone is thinking about damaging someone’s property.

Be creative but also safe and cautions when out and about on Halloween night.

  Happy trick-or-treating!

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