Story by Grace Whisman, Photo by Alexandria Sessions

Students all look forward to that day of the week when they can sleep in an extra hour.  Being a student myself, I enjoy any moment of extra sleep that I can get. But is that really what is best for me, or for every other student? Why not be early instead of late for a change?

I remember a long time ago when early was the new late. If you could finally go home early, if we had the chance to have an early release day again, would you take it over a late Wednesday?  

There are pros and cons to having an early release day and having a late day.

Late Wednesdays gives us an extra hour of sleep in the morning. A new study from a suburban high school outside of Philadelphia states that 78 percent of the students said they found it difficult to get up in the morning and only 16 percent said they felt they had enough sleep.

While other students expressed that they would like to keep the late Wednesdays, some said that early release days were better.

Early release days give students more time to do homework, compared to normally having a chance to sleep that extra hour on late Wednesdays. Early release days would give us something to look forward to not just that week but that very day.  

One of the reasons why the schools choose late Wednesdays over early release days is because most school related sports get held off until the normal start time. Students would have to wait until 3:40 for a normal practice to take place.  

Why couldn’t the school sports start earlier for high schoolers? Or have a study time during that break to get work done earlier opposed to at midnight? That would give them a chance to go home a little earlier than normal and not spend late hours studying while being physically exhausted.  

I feel that the majority of students should have the option to go home early because that would offer them additional time to finish their homework and also to do the things that they enjoy the most.

Students who spend more time doing what they enjoy will be more successful in the classroom.

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