Teenagers enjoy every single moment they can to binge watch their favorite TV shows or movies, but what do they choose? Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix has its good sides and bad sides compared to Hulu.

One of the main reasons why Netflix is such a popular online movie streaming website is because for just $7.99 a month, you have the capability to watch an extremely wide variety of movies and TV shows, but what comes with $7.99 a month is only one user at a time and no HD. However when you pay $8.99 you get 2 users and HD.

All these movies and TV shows you can access through your Internet to your computer, TV or Internet connected with a Blu-ray players, wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Apple iPhone or iPad, and much more.

An extra feature you can add on to your Netflix account is to receive DVDs by mail.  Plans start as low as $9.99 per month. You can also watch your DVD for as long as you like with no late fees. The shipping is included in your fee.

While a lot of these things are good one of the downsides to having Netflix is waiting for your favorite TV series to be realized. For example, the TV series Scream Queens wasn’t posted on Netflix till a couple months after the season one ended, but with Hulu you could watch it the day after a new episode aired. But really If you’re looking for a standard cable replacement, one that allows you to follow along with your favorite shows, you need Hulu. Otherwise, Netflix’s catalog is far more greater when comparing original productions or the depth of movies and documentaries offered.

So if I was asked to get Netflix or Hulu my likely choice would be Netflix.

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