Story by Morgan Wilkinson, Photo by Warner Otto


As students go about their daily schedule, each teacher assigns the students the amount of homework they feel is suitable for them to get the appropriate amount of knowledge outside of the classroom.

“Sometimes homework can be productive because I get a chance to learn outside of the classroom on what we talked about in class but sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on and the homework doesn’t help,” junior Trinity Leger said.

Although the sole purpose of homework is to help students be on top of their work and help enhance their knowledge outside of the classroom, sometimes that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes homework can become a burden to a student’s life rather than a benefit.

“I spend around 30 minutes with my family everyday and I spend my Sundays with my friends,” freshman Veronique Chayer said.

Being a burden to a student’s life, homework and the amount assigned can also weigh down and affect the aspect in how much sleep students get a night.

“The stress of homework/school affects sleep, but the amount (with exception of projects, essays etc.) does not,” senior Sage Slaght said.

How much sleep a student gets per night is all determined on how much homework the student got assigned to do that night.

“Usually 3 or 4 assignments,” sophomore Evan Otto said.

This much homework and more, including extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs and the need for family time, is when the homework becomes a burden to different aspects of students lives such as sleep by cutting into this time.

“It depends. Sometimes I get 8 hours but sometimes I get 5,” Trinity said.

Science teacher Katherine Degar said that she feels that the amount of homework she assigns her students does not affect the amount of sleep each of them gets.

Homework comes with both pros and cons to all aspects of the student life and how that is affected. The main purpose of homework and why it is assigned is to improve students knowledge outside of the classroom and pertain the knowledge learned inside the classroom that day.

“Homework helps me remember all the work that we learned in class,” Veronique said.

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