Story by Warner Otto, Photo by Katherine Baxley


At the start of October the South Carolina State Fair comes for 12 days to kick off the start of fall. According to freshman Katie Hall, she feels as though it is a great place to go with your family and she enjoys it a lot.  

Not only is the fair good for having a great time with your family and friends, but it can also be a great place to get some amazing food.

“I love the deep fried Oreos. Something about the crunchy outside and gooey Oreo inside is just so perfect,” senior Savannah Bates said.

The fair brings along lots of fun rides for friends and families to go on.There are lots of different types of rides for everyone who enjoys the thrill.

“[I love going to the fair with] my little cousins because they love riding on the rides and it’s something we get together and do,” junior Lauren Colvin said.

The fair brings all sorts of fun activities for everyone of all ages to enjoy with their families and friends. There are more than just rides; there are petting zoos and lots of fun animals to see.

“I’m very excited about the State Fair, I’m excited to take my kids to the fair because they had a great time last year and I just, it was a fun time watching them have a good time,” English teacher Jessica Thur said.

The state fair brings something for all ages to enjoy, so you can go with your family or friends.There are diverse activities that give everyone there something to do that they will enjoy.

“I think it’s going to be good because most of the years I go there for food and the rides,” sophomore Caleb Wineglass said.

The fair don’t just bring wonderful rides, but they bring amazing food with it as well. There are different types of food for everyone.

“I’m afraid I’m not much of a fair food person I mean I just normally have like pizza or something; I don’t eat a lot of fried food,” Thur said.

The state fair brings lots of fun to all people every year. But what’s fun for one person, maybe won’t be fun to another person.

“Just a lot of excitement, people are just genuinely happy you know you hear kids laughing and squealing on rides, Thur said. “for the most part it’s all good but we try to avoid the evenings.”

The experiences that the fair brings can bring lasting memories for families and friends. The fair creates new experiences and traditions as well.

“Mostly good experiences but I have gotten sick at the fair before but that was many years ago,” Savannah said. “The atmosphere of other families and people around you enjoying the fair, the smell of the food, and the roaring laughter that surrounds you creates a fantastic experience filled with fun and many memories like the first time I rode an upside down rollercoaster or when I first had a piece of artwork in the fair.”


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