Story by Anjali McDaniel


It is a rewarding experience when you get credit for the hard work performed in everyday school life by following rules and going the extra step to achieve great things.

“We always had [classy cash at] Dutch Fork, we always had through the PBIS your system that they have there’s always been prizes that they had you just never had a store set up, at least as far as I know, since I been here for the past 2 years there haven’t been a classy cash store and so we just wanted as a PBIS committee  the other teachers” English teacher Sarah Jaynes said, “ I we wanted at least once a week there to be kind of a storefront for students who get that classy cash to be able to cash it in and get some sort of prize for it.”

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“Anytime I hand them out I remember that last year a lot of my students would always say ‘what do I use this for’ or ‘where do I use this’ and I would always tell them there were prizes but we never had an actual store, so that’s why we just decided to finally get a case and I think we just have a table for right now, but we just wanted to reward those students who are doing what they are supposed to be doing and who are getting that classy cash,” Jaynes said, “we wanted them to be able to use that to get the cool prizes that we already have and the future cool prizes that we are working on ordering.”

Students may not be sure what to find in the store, but many of them will probably look for items like headphones, chargers, and Dutch Fork swag. Those students should be happy to know that, according to Jaynes, they could possibly find headphones, speakers, lanyards, charging blocks, and Dutch Fork stuff, such as Dutch Fork coozies and Dutch Fork sunglasses. They are even looking at getting more cool prizes for the store.

Classy cash is a way for teachers to reward their students who deserve the recognition for their hard work they do in class. Some students know this and see it as an opportunity make their behavior better.

“[Classy Cash will help students] because it will make us wanna behave in class.” freshman Olivia Shaw-Pontoon said.

Some students feel that Classy Cash is a good thing to have in school, but the teachers do not give and support it as much as they should.  Some students even claim that their teachers never give the cash out.

“I don’t know [how to feel about the store opening],” junior Kameren Stewart said, “I haven’t been to the Classy Cash store  and the teacher doesn’t give classy cash.”

Even though the cash is used to support good behavior in the school, some people think that it does not help with the actual academics needs.

“[Classy Cash won’t help students] because it does not really help with school work” sophomore Jonathan Davis said.

The Classy Cash store is expected to open soon, but many people do not know about it and do not know where it is going to be located. The students encourage promotion of the store around the school.

“I think it’s a new and interesting [idea] and we should make an announcement for it, or put it on Silver Screen or the Fox Focus [spotlight] to find out how to use it because I know how to use it. I feel like Dr. Gary is a new principal and he can use the reward system however he wants,” senior Winona-Elizabeth Winn said.

People at Dutch Fork High School believe the Classy Cash Store will have a positive impact on our school and create benefits throughout. It will become a happier place for students to learn the rewards of good behavior and grow as individuals.

“Oh, I think [the Classy Cash store will help students] ,” Jaynes said, “I know that I try to give classy cash out in my classes especially now that I know that we’re gonna have that store I’m gonna want to give it out more because I know that there’s gonna be cool prizes for the students to get and I think once they start seeing the prizes we have and seeing what they can get if they just do what they’re supposed to do in class then they’re gonna behave better and it’s just gonna make Dutch Fork a happier place to be.”

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