Story Written by Justice Nawman


South Carolinians are shocked and heartbroken about all the people affected by the hurricane that hit Texas. People from other states are trying to do everything they can to help. According to Environmental teacher Elaine Smith, she plans to help out with monetary donations which she read the people who were affected the most needed and prayers.

“[I have not helped out yet but] I plan on donating to reliable charities,” senior Stephanie Johnson said.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has left people saddened by the destruction of people’s homes and the lives that were lost. People try to help the victims affect as much as they possibly can.

“Daily life, it doesn’t necessarily affect me except that I feel for the people that have to rebuild and I know that they need so much help,” Smith said.

People make sure to prepare if a hurricane was to come because you never know what can happen. So you should always try to make sure to have a plan and to be prepared. According to Ryan Tank, he doesn’t really think he is prepared.

“The importance of helping when others need it the most is important” according to sophomore Evan Otto, “so people can get all their homes back and all the stuff they lost.”

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