Written by Sabrina Santos and Jada Metze


Dutch Fork High School is no stranger to common internet outages. The outages are  experienced relatively often and can be disruptive to our daily school lives.

“I could not access my school stuff,” sophomore Douglas Webb said.

For some, the outage affected their classes and they could not complete all of their work.

“We could not get visuals in geography and we could not do certain work in other classes.” freshman Saniyah Myers said.

The internet outage didn’t have a negative effect on everyone at school.

”[The outage] didn’t affect me at all,” junior Javonte Spratley said.

Using online resources is a way for many students to be able to work together on projects and share ideas with each other faster. Teachers can use chromebooks as a collaborative device for their students to use.

“It made it so we were unable to collaborate together on a group project,” senior Johnelle Weekly said.

Even though we seem to use technology in our everyday lives, some days we don’t use it because of testing or other activities that are usually done on paper or another tool.

“We were testing today, so it did not matter.” math teacher Caitlin Attaway said.

With the air conditioner now connected to the internet, many students like Saniyah, Javante, and Johnelle said it could cause more outages farther along in the year. Other students like Douglas does not agree with this idea.

“[I think that we are going to have more internet outages now that the air conditioning is connected to the internet] because whenever it gets cold the air conditioner and wifi will go out,” Webb said.

Many of the students may not even think about the fact that the air conditioner is connected to the internet and it may be just an effect of the outages and not a specific cause.

“I would not think,” Attaway said, “that would cause [internet outages].”

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