Story by Caroline Harvey, Photo by Warner Otto

As the first nine weeks comes to a close, the Student Council prepares for another pep rally. Of course, another pep rally means more games and activities for the students to participate in.

“So, it was a really successful senior field day activity last year and everyone loved it, and we’ve just gotten a lot of like requests to do bubble ball lately, and so I’m glad we finally got to integrate it into something that we can do for the students in the next pep rally,” senior Anna Dunbar said.

This time, Student Council has Bubble Ball planned, but with a twist. If students want to participate in a game of Bubble Ball, they must first donate at least a dollar for the raffle to the American Cancer Society.

“We got bubble ball approved, and then Student Council was trying to figure out how we would select who would go in the bubble balls; and we thought we would want to open it up so that anyone could have a chance, not just those that the class presidents knew,”

Student advisor teacher Laurie Humphrey said.

By opening bubble ball to everyone, the students have the opportunity to get more involved in the pep rally as well as make a difference in their community by donating to the ACS.

“We decided to have them put their name in if they wanted to be in the bubble ball because we thought a lot of people would want to do it, and then we said, ‘well why don’t we have them pay a dollar and then we can give that money to the American Cancer Society,’ so that’s what they decided to do,” Humphrey said.

Being able to do something fun in return for contributing to the community is great for teaching students how to get involved. Freshman Taylor Rice agrees that it’s good to show that you care about something like the American Cancer Society. Members of the Student Council lead these efforts by contributing in many different ways.

“Well I’m working the tables right now. I might enter myself into the raffles but I kind of want it to be more about the students and I don’t want to be the person in bubble ball because I’m like orchestrating it,” Anna said, “so I mean I’ll donate but I would rather someone else be picked for the raffle than myself so I can see one of the students enjoying what we are providing.”

Opening bubble ball to students benefits them in multiple ways. Rj talks about how it’s personally beneficial to him to see how the money can go towards winning the horrible battle that his grandmother fought and won. It also gives students the opportunity to donate to ACS.

“It opens the pep rally up to people that might want to be in the pep rally and have never had the opportunity to do that,” Humphrey said.

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