Story by Tyeoyna Anderson


Dutch Fork High School offers many different types of art classes. The 3D design class is one of the many types of class that many students enjoy. 3D design is a class where students work on Slab Teapots and it increases their skills on working with clay. “[ The purpose of the project is ] to marry forman function and to learn slab instruction”, Art Teacher Blakely Sheely said. With building the Teapots, students get to express their feelings by carving and stamping different designs into the pot. “I really get to express myself through my clay pot. I’m really capturing all of the essence of my personality through the texture of my pot. I slip and score, I paddle to give my piece direction and I ask frequent questions to bug my teacher and I use my knife to carve my clay”, 12th grader Joshua Leonard said. Teapots is something used for steeping tea leaves or boiling water, but can also be hard for students to design. “I don’t know how to make a teapot, so I learned how to make a pot. [ I do not believe that I am successful with this project because my handle ripped off and my craftsmanship is very poor. I carved little leaves and I stamped in textures and I scored, slipped and paddled, I did a lot of carving and stamping” 12th grader Mackenzie Pinnington said. 3D-1 Is a very interesting class to take if you love dealing with clay.

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