Story and Photo by Alexandria Sessions


The words ‘grades’, ‘quest’, ‘assignments’, and ‘dragons’ should never be used in the same sentence, but this time they are. Classcraft is a new and exciting way to get students involved in learning.

Classcraft is a role playing game where every student has a role in how they benefit their group. In a class that has least 25 students, the teacher can split the class up into five groups of five where each group has a different role.

A Warrior, according to the Classcraft website, is “a team guardian”; their job is to protect teammates from damage and they also have powers. They could protect one of their team members from losing Health Points (HP). For example, team members could lose HP by not wearing an ID or not bringing a Chromebook.

That’s where Healers come in, “It’s their job to heal teammates,” whenever their teammates loses HP, but the Warrior can save the player if they lose HP for not doing what they are supposed to do, but you can receive Action Points (AP) for doing what you are supposed to do.

The Mages use their powers more often than others and honestly they are not as important, but they keep the group running. Mages simply replenish the powers that a player has lost.

Action points are a necessity because they are what players use for power.

Experience Points (XP) are for doing good actions like helping a classmate or being positive in class. This is teacher driven so they can choose who gets points and why.

And get this, there’s an app for it so the student can see what their teacher has added or taken away on the go. Classcraft is a great way to keep students involved and aware of how they behave in the classroom environment.

Not only does it have characters, it has animals or pets for the students to take care of which is optional they can spend their XPs on clothing and other objects. Parents are also able to see what is going on with their student.

Everybody can get involved.

I give Classcraft four out of five stars because it engages everyone in a fun and creative way and not only is it for teachers, but also gives the students a way to practice working with other classmates and helping each other out.

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