Story by Morgan Wilkinson, Photo by Anjali McDaniel


Each year, Halloween acts as many students’ favorite holiday. The activities involved in this eventful time includes pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and dressing up. With autumn in full swing, Halloween quickly approaches and students prepare for fun Halloween traditions, festivities, and activities that make the holiday exciting.

“My favorite Halloween traditions are decorating the outside of my house, going to Deceased Farms, and having matching costumes with someone,” freshman Veronique Chayer said.

Many families look forward to the same traditions every year that get them into the Halloween spirit.

“My favorite Halloween traditions are probably the pumpkins and carving them,” junior Rachel Faris said.

As this Halloween approaches, many students and their families have big plans on how they  want to spend their night.

“I will most likely hand out candy and might go trick or treating with my little brother,” Rachel said.

As some students get excited about the holiday, others approach it as a normal day and don’t participate in the Halloween festivities and activities.

“I plan on relaxing like a normal day,” sophomore Sarah Yang said.

While little kids enjoy trick or treating, parents and teens enjoy passing out the candy and participating in other activities to celebrate the holiday.

Learning strategies teacher, Jean White, talks about how she will spend her Halloween night at dinner with friends while her husband goes to a costume contest volleyball game.

Students always have their favorite activities and parts about a holiday and why it’s their favorite part about getting into the spirit. Halloween, being so festive and fun, students share their favorite parts about getting to share this creepy holiday with family and friends.

“The best part of Halloween is to see all the younger kids running around to houses. The smiles on their faces make my day,” Veronique said.

Halloween is usually always about the kids and seeing them enjoy trick or treating,  the candy, and dressing up. But adults and teenagers are never too old to do those things also.

“It’s fun to dress up in a costume, you can pretend to be someone you are not when you put on a costume,” Jean said.

Sometimes Halloween can be considered a con in student’s eyes because of the stomach aches caused by eating too much candy, the excessive trick or treaters when trying to go to sleep, and the costumes that scare little kids.

“When people come knocking at our door, because we don’t hand out candy and plus we may be sleeping when they come by,” senior Brenda Denys said.

Overall Halloween is a time of to enjoy dressing up, spooky activities, and most importantly candy, candy, candy.

“The best part is the candy,” Sarah said.

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