Story by Sabrina Santos


There are many new faces at Dutch Fork this year that are being welcomed by students and staff.

“I was at Dutch Fork Middle, so it is much more larger. I’m still trying to find all the classrooms. Students have a lot more freedom,” assistant principal Jo Howe said.

Howe did not travel far to join us, but some new teachers did. They traveled through several states to come to our school.

“I was in West Palm Beach Florida. It was completely different.” social studies teacher Amy Fultz said, “[Here there is a] little more southern hospitality, and overall better manners.”

Many students have different views of teachers, and their methods of teaching. According to sophomore Juan Osorio, Fultz is an alright teacher.

“Keep up the good work,” Juan said.

Howe is not the only teacher coming over from the middle school. Our new principal, Dr. Gerald Gary, also came from our neighboring school, so the freshmen already have an idea on how he will lead us here.

“It feels great because I know that he will lead the school in a positive direction,” freshman Kalies Carter said.

For juniors and seniors, it has been awhile since they had Gary as a principal, so they have to readjust themselves to his way of leading and adjust to all of the other new administrators.

“I feel like this school rejoined with new spirit [with all the new administrators and the new principal],” junior Jala Robertson said.

Some seniors are already familiar with the old administrators and principal.

“I feel like they’re okay, but there needs to be more interaction with students in the hallways,” senior Sierra Raines said.

Being accustomed to the old ways, many seniors and juniors say they miss the old administrators and principal. Students like Sierra and Jala will miss Dr. Greg Owings, the former principal of Dutch Fork.

“I feel he [Gary] is going to work even harder [now that he is at the high school],” Kalies said.

The school is changing and many of the students hope for the best.

“Hopefully it will get better, like it will be more fun and interactive,” Sierra said.

Some students have seen how the school has already changed.

“I think the policy [is] more enforced for the better, but I also think that they are more flexible with students opinions,” Jala said.

Nevertheless, many students are glad to have the new teachers and administrators here at Dutch Fork.

“I love being at Dutch Fork [High],” Howe said, “Everybody is friendly and it’s a great school.”

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