Story by Anjali McDaniel


The first quarter of school has just ended. Students and teachers are ready to take on the next quarter with a few goals in mind.

“[I need to work on my] homework pattern and get my homework turned in on time [next quarter.]” freshman Wynter White said.

Procrastination is no stranger to students. Many people say that procrastination causes them to struggle in school, so they improve their methods to make themselves better in their studies.

“I didn’t procrastinate as I did in previous years and I was able to turn in things on time as well as my grades are A’s and B’s,” senior Erica Meece said.

The students are looking for ways to improve grades. Many say that it is due to the lack of studying and not doing their homework on time that brings their grades down. Sophomore Davon Welborn says that he needs to work on studying math, and junior David Fennell says he needs to study more in general so  his grades will improve in the future and he can do better during the next quarter.

The end of the quarter also brings work for the teachers who are trying to fix everything before they send in grades for the report cards. Social studies teacher Kelly Payne has a solution for everyone to not be stressed towards the end of the first quarter and throughout the whole school year.

“Stay organized by keeping a calendar. Make sure you know when assignments are due. Come up with a plan on how long you think it will take you to complete those assignments,” Payne said, “set aside time every night to make sure that you’ve done what you need to do and check what’s due the next day and the upcoming days.”

There are still three quarters left before the school year ends. Students and teachers are looking forward to moving on and improving for the next quarter.

“I’m excited the first quarter is behind us,” Payne said, “and I only see positivity going forward. The students now are improving their grades and students that did well will do better.”

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