Story and Photo by Destiny White


Dutch Fork high school JROTC program is one the best student programs in South Carolina. JROTC helps build students character, citizenship and enhance the student body overall. “We do struggle with getting 9th graders to make transition from the middle school to high school level, because they lack diligence at times so we have to help them learn how to be leaders. I believe we have the best student body has to offer. On the upside we are to do so much for the community such as big flags at the football games, food drives, and marching in march parades. ”ROTC instructor Major Reginald Salde said. ROTC has different fun activities such as military ball, mud run, and veterans day parade to help students work together and have fun. “It is so cool, because we do a lot of fun stuff.” freshman Shaquan Brown Howell said. This program is a very project based learning and it helps the learning process progress for students. “I really enjoy it,”senior Cambria Robinson said.” and it’s like a learning process and it’s really cool.”

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