Story by Tyeoyna Anderson, Photo by Destiny White


Dutch Fork High School’s school lunch has changed rapidly over the school years. There are many positive attributes about Dutch Fork High School, but school lunch is not one of them according to the students. “[ School lunch ] could be better because sometimes I feel like we shouldn’t have to pay for lunch and I think that they could cook it a little better.” 10th grader Cheyenne Tilman said. The good attribute is that cafeteria staff give extra snacks on Fridays, but many students argued that the school lunch should switched up and the lines should be shorter. “The lines should be reduced. I like that they switch it up on fridays, like it’s not the same nasty food” 12th grader Jade Gailliard said. Although school lunch does not reach students expectations, students still appreciate what the staff prepares them. “It’s trash,” senior Dexter Martinez said.” but, sometimes it’s good.”

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