Story and Photo by Ta’Nya Davis


Reading is a pastime for many different people, Book Club met for the first time this year on October 26 to talk about the book, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

“The book we did this month was The Hate U Give [which is a] popular read because of social issues, it address such as racism and police brutality,” Community Book Club sponsor James Gilliam said, “The Hate U Give [was] nominated for Young Adult Book Award of the Year.”

Reading is important because it sparks creativity as well as imagination and improves vocabulary according to junior Trinity Blackmon and to senior Michael Roeser, reading helps drive the imagination.

“Reading is a skill that applies to almost everything you will do in life, no matter what job you have no matter what major you have in college and the more you read the better reader you became just like anything else a sport or hobby,” Gilliam said, “The more you do something and talk about it with people the better you become.”

For sophomore Luke Womble reading helps him with English class and for  freshman Kat Browder reading helps people get jobs.

“Reading prepares you for life [and] makes you successful in everything you want to do,” school media specialist Evelyn Newman said.

Reading is a great skill to have and joining book club may help you, however one of the problems with joining the book club is figuring out when to hold book club.

“It’s tough for book club because, if we do it after school a lot of people have things after school so they can’t stay, if we do it during lunch, there is four different lunches, it’s hard to get a lot of people together, one of my thoughts always was to do an online book club, [it] might work,” Newman said.

Book Club is a great way for students to improve their reading skills and be able to talk about with others about their reading experience.

“[I] felt the need for students to share with one another, reading experience and also in courage read for pleasure not just for school,” Gillam said.

Sharing your opinion and thoughts on a book is what book club is all about.

“It was great you get to sit around and talk about the book you read,” Newman said, “what the author was trying to say and what you thought about it and share it with other people and find out what they thought about it.”

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