Story by Michelle Lane, Photo by Laura Santos

R2-D2, Wall-E, and HAL 900 are some of the most famously known robots and the list still continues today with the creation of other robots. Robotics on the other hand makes these ideas and dreams come to life.

“Robotics is a club where you build robots and you bring it to competitions against everyone else in a state or nation,” sophomore Jack Oberman said.

The club went and took their creations to competition which made them qualify for state.

“VEX Robotics competition [are] essentially just went up against other teams and after to see who get most points, you get points for stacking little cones on top of goals and we went up against a lot of other teams and we won overall so that means we beat them in all of our matches and we got excellence which means that our design and everything was best overall,” team leader Arjun Verma said.

With the robotics club winning, they qualify for state which is a great accomplishment.

“That was my first competition and going to my first competition with being able to carry, not only one, but two trophies home,” Jack said.

Although they qualified for state, the team still needs some improvement in certain areas and are already setting their goals for the next competition.

“I’m in charge of engineering notebook [and] in the last competition we did not win the award of engineering notebook. Even though the judges said exemplary, [they also said] that we needed a few minor adjustments,” Jack said, ”My goal is to be able to win that trophy. So I’m going to adjust that notebook and help my team out so we can get our trophy.”

The team has gotten much praise on their teamwork, sportsmanship, and work from other teams stated from VEX Robotics advisor Elizabeth McShane.

          The VEX Robotics is a great club for anyone interested in engineering, coding or just having a good time designing and building robots.

“You don’t have to be a genius, you just have to be a team player. You have to be interested in design,” McShane said, “I heard Patrick say something about engineering and although it’s good for those interested in engineering, it’s also good for those that like to invent, build things. It’s a great way to get involved with very creative students.”

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