Written by Sabrina Santos

People today make many decisions based on impulse; teenagers are guilty of doing this often.

“I think human nature is a lot based on impulse and a lot of the times we make those negative consequence based decisions off of when we didn’t think it through,” senior Anna Dunbar said, “So I try to make important decisions based on my knowledge and careful consideration.”

People can make impulsive decision, while others think before doing.  

“They may bring [weapons] to try and act cool in front of their friends,” junior Lauren Colvin said.

As teenagers, people will give into peer pressure, but that’s not always true.

“No [I would not give into peer pressure], because peer pressure is dumb,” sophomore Mark Villarosa said.

Doing things without thinking and giving into pressure can have a bad outcome; however there may be certain circumstances where you have to give in.

“It depends on the situation at hand because if it deals with family or friends, I think that even if it puts me in jail, I just need to know that my family is safe,” freshman Colby Phillips said, “and I will do whatever I have to do for that.”

People are baffled on why someone would make bad decisions.

“I think sometimes people are struggling with something and so like they feel that they have to like make that known and sometimes when people aren’t in their right minds,” Anna said, “or when they haven’t thought through they think that could be like a way to make a statement and sometimes they don’t get enough attention and that could be another reason because if they can’t have any attention, they wanna get negative attention, but it’s different for everyone.”

No one understands what is going on in someone else’s mind. Other people do not know each other’s circumstances, however that should not stop someone from thinking about the consequences themselves.

“Why? I wish I knew, basically it’s become a commonplace in today’s society to bring a [weapon] to school and people don’t realize the consequences in doing so,” Dutch Fork High School resource officer Shawn Powers said.

After the incident students may be questioning the safety of the school, but the adults are still confident in our school.

“I still feel that the safety of the school, I mean, I still feel that the school is safe. Can we improve, yes, for sure,” assistant principal Floyd White said.

Safety always comes into question in the aftermath of these situations, the teachers and staff are thinking of ways that could make our school better.

“I think that our best plan for safety, well number one is that I pride myself on knowing my students pretty well and so you get to know your students and then you just have to be really observant all the time,” English teacher Kathy Lott said.

Teachers and staff members have different ideas on how to better the safety of the school.

“Continue to build trust with the students because it is the students that are making me aware of potential threats,” Officer Powers said.

The situation has shows that the protocol works and can be done quietly.

“I think they handled it almost perfectly. I can’t imagine that things could have gone any better,” Lott said.

Plans to ensure the safety of the school have come under discussion. under discussion.

“Well our future plans are to make sure students and teachers are aware of our drills and evacuation methods and that’s one thing to sort of articulate those sort of expectations to our staff and to our teachers,” White said.

People make bad decisions that can stem from illogical thoughts.

“Students make bad decisions. People make bad decisions. They have been taught since they were young not to do certain things,” principal Dr. Gerald Gary said, “but sometimes their young,, adolescent minds just make a bad choice and unfortunately we make a bad choice and we have to pay the consequences of that bad decision.”

As the society grows, people need to remember to think about the consequences.

“Not only is it a felony, but you run the risk of being shot by law enforcement,” Officer Powers said.

However, it does not matter how bad it gets at Dutch Fork, students and staff still keep their spirits.

“I would just add that we’re still a strong student body and nothing’s gonna change,” White said, “This is just a little adversity and of course, we as a school have no choice but to grow from it and learn from it.”

Dutch Fork High School has bounced back with Fox pride and school spirit.

“He called all of the staff immediately after school and when we went into the media center,” Lotts said, “he just said, ‘When anything happens here, I want you to hear it from me; not WIS’.”

Dr. Gary has shown that he will always be a leader even through tough situations.

“Make it a great day, or not,” Dr. Gary said, “The choice is yours. I love Dutch Fork High School.”

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