Story by Alexandria Sessions


Attention all readers. There’s a social platform where books are the star of the show. Books, books, and more books; it sounds scary for  non-readers, but just wait and see why Goodreads is worth it.

With Goodreads, a person can have group discussions, play quizzes based on their choice of book, and even ask the author questions. First, on the Home page, once signed up, a person can set an amount of how many books they want to read and it then turns into a challenge to see if the reader can accomplish it.

The reader can create however many personal shelves they want and begin to add books to them. Also, on the Homepage the reader can receive updates on their favorite author, book reviews, and comments on their comments.

On the My Books page, the list of all the books the reader has read will go there and the list will continue to grow. The account owner has full control of what they would like to share and what is private.

The My Books page helps the reader keep track of all the books they’ve read. After the user read a chosen book, they can then review, rate and give their input on why the book is great or not.

It’s a great way to get involved with the book community and discover new books at the same time, but the choice to engage with other users is optional.

The user, if stuck on a decision, can browse books from different genres and even write their own stories. Along with writing their own stories, the writer could receive feedback from a large number of readers.

Under the Browse tab there are many options to choose from, to kick-start a reading journey such as Recommendations, Deals, Choice Awards, Giveaways, New Releases, List, News and Interviews, Explore, and Blog.

So much to do, all in one website just for books; however, the user doesn’t have to be alone, they can be in a group of users that share the same interest in books. This is located under the Community tab.

Goodreads is just like a community where you can have friendly discussion and/or debates about a book. Not seeing anything interesting? Create your own group with friends.

For non-readers, Goodreads will help find that perfect book under recommendations, once it’s found, there should be no more excuses for not reading.

Setting up an account is quick, easy, and painless. All that is needed is a name, an email, which also works with the school district emails, and a password. Once in the Goodreads website, explore and read until the heart and mind are content.

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