Story by Anjali McDaniel


The time to take midterm exams is closing in and students are preparing for them in different ways.

“I don’t really study. I look at the study guide and hope for the best,” sophomore Jordyn Thompson-Russell said.

Students use different studying techniques to help them better prepare for their exams.

“I use quizlets, and make my own flashcards,” senior Maddison Golden said.

Students use the week before exams as a time to review. Students say teachers don’t even review in class or hand out study guides.

“I feel like teachers aren’t preparing us enough [for exams],” junior Tommy Metts said.

Each year long curricular class that a student takes has an exam that goes along with it. Semester classes don’t take their exams until after winter break. Students say that there are class exams that are more challenging than other exams, but freshman Olivia Rollins says she is not worried about any of them.

Teachers also have to deal with other class assignments during exam week. Grading the exams are one of the things that they have to do and complete diligently. Social studies teacher Andrew Clem says that he also likes to give a review before his exams.

“We have exam reviews the day before the exams [to help the students be more prepared],” Clem said.

Exams can be seen as stressful, but Dutch Fork students know they will overcome what comes their way and pass.

“I think I’ll do good,” Tommy said, “I’m usually a good test taker.”


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