Story by Maria Eduarda Silva, Photo by Tyeoyna Anderson

Dutch Fork High School first biannual dance concert is taking place Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 to showcase all of dance department hard work. “[To] show what we’ve been working on throughout the fall semester,” senior A’jahlaya Carter said. The preparation for the upcoming concert starts weeks before the event, so each group dance can be properly practiced and organized. Rehearsals and class time practices are some of the ways the students find to practice their dances and see where they can improve. “It depends on the group that we are in and whichever song sounds best for the dance that we do,” junior Nylah Leaphart said. Every song is chosen carefully according to the class performance along the semester. The higher level in dance the more choices students have to do what they would like to do. Nervousness is a common feeling between all those who are performing for the first time or who have performed in the past, although in the end, it is taken over by a feeling of accomplishment. “It is an incredible natural high accomplishment to feel the support coming from your friends on the stage, to hear your friends and family cheering you on,” Dance teacher Ginny Haynes said, “It’s a different kind of nervous.”

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