Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Adell Pitts


This year, student council is holding a food drive for those in need this season.

“The food drive ideally is to help support families in need around the holidays,” assistant principal Floyd White said. “We want to make sure everyone is nurtured and cared for in our community.”

Student council thought of the food drive as a whole according to junior Abrielle Brown, a student council member.

“[The food drive is about] providing food for people who are less fortunate,” sophomore Luke Nash said.

Student council is collecting canned items in The Commons for the Irmo Middle School food bank.

“[We’re] trying to get food [for] those in need,” assistant principal Justin Thomas said. “Right now we are supporting Irmo Middle School Food Bank.”  

Senior Mario Sias said principal Dr. Gerald Gary versus White would be a good karaoke battle.

“In the karaoke battle I hope to see Dr. Gary. He is hilarious with his style of dancing,” freshman Jonathan Blair said. “I want to see him go against [assistant principal Jo] Howe.”

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