Story by Laura Santos & Adell Pitts

The drama department is putting on The Addams Family Musical. Auditions were held before the Thanksgiving break.

“Overall I thought they did great. It’s a fun dance. It’s a lot of energy and so I thought they did a really good job with that,” dance teacher and choreographer Ginny Haynes said.

For auditions, people who know how to dance or understand the dance movements can help others who did not understand.

“First time [auditioning] everything is new, [and I] can’t dance, but [the audition process is a] new experience,” senior Riel Hill said.

The audition process is new to Riel and she just hopes to gain experience.

“First time [auditioning] feels great,” freshman Hailey Coffelt said.

Anybody who auditions for the first time can get the role they are looking for, if they try their best.

“I think [auditioning is] a great way to get active in school,” Riel said.

Auditions may be stressful because of the roles and lines to memorize, but it can also get students energized for the rest of the day.

“They’re [musicals] very fun and it’s nice to get people to applaud for you,” sophomore Mattie Mount said.

Even in auditions, people have to applaud them in a musical.

“This is my first one [audition]  and [I’m a] nervous wreck because I don’t know how to dance,” junior Haley Manning said.

It does not matter if The Addams Family is their first audition or not, because people came together to partake in the audition.

“It’s [the choreograph dance learn at the audition is] the biggest number of the show,” Haynes said. “It’s the first number in [the musical and] it has most of the characters, meaning all leads and ensemble [are dancing].”

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