Story and Photo by Laura Santos

STEM Students brought their food, games, and blankets that spend out in the media center last Friday evening for the STEM Honors Academic Magnet lock-in.
“[The STEM lock-in] is just 12 hours of opportunities [for]  fellowship,” STEM coordinator Barry Lindler said, “and get to know all of our STEM members even better.”

For freshman Nicole Frattaroli, the STEM lock-in is an event where all the STEM kids come together and spend the night at school.
“The STEM lock-in is when we come here Friday [night] and Saturday [morning],” senior Braiden Groller said. “We get together freshmen through seniors and we play games. We get to compete against one another and we get to see how the teacher are outside of school [hours].”

For junior Cole Lewis, the STEM lock-in was an annual way to reconnect with STEM classmates.
“STEM is a tight-knit family and with a daily grind of school, [and] sometimes we just don’t have the opportunity to get to know each other,” Lindler said. “A night is stress-free, safe, welcoming environment.”

At the STEM lock-in, the students partake in different activities.
“We play games and have competitions,” Braiden said.“The big thing we do is the tug-of-war between the different classes.”

The first activity during the STEM lock-in was a  scavenger hunt. Students pick their teams in group of three to five people. Every group would have one device, that would show the questions.

“[The scavenger hunt] was really fun,” sophomore Maha Mushtaq said. “I’m sad that I didn’t get first place.”

Students ran around the school in hopes of winning the scavenger hunt. Even though there was no real other than saying you won the saveranger hunt.
“I would have like it better if I won but I thought it was challenging,” Cole said. “It was pretty spread out so it made for a good scavenger hunt.”  
STEM students, STEM teachers and administrators all participated in the STEM lock-in.

“Thank you to all the teachers who made this happen,” Maha said, “It is one of my favorite nights of the year for me.”

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