Story and Photos by Grace Whisman

Differences in people make every person unique. If people did not have differences then they would not learn from their experiences.

Growing up in a diverse community can be difficult, especially in school, but people should not look at that as a bad thing. Differences can be a beautiful thing, not only just in school, but in our everyday lives.

Humans can connect with each other in such a greater way when they express who they truly are. Students should be able to express themselves and not feel they need to obtain a certain image for their peers.

Differences make every single person unique. When students are judged for being different, it makes them feel in some way they wish they were not.

Most students will find ways to hide what makes them different, they might even change completely. Eventually some will learn how to grow into their differences. Hopefully they might even benefit from the words that have impacted them.

Expressing how unique humanity is as a whole, people should not hate one another, but love one another. For love is what brings the world together in our differences.

People need to learn that being equal does not mean they are not allowed to be different. Being equal means that everyone treats each other the same, no matter how different.

Every single person could gain so much more if they exchanged their hate for love. Then, people could finally see past their differences.

Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” People might ask why this is such a great accomplishment because the accomplishment does not give a reward of any kind. But yet it does, because in the end the reward will be who they are.

Students need to learn to love their differences. That could mean learning to love what makes them different and learning to love other people’s differences. Then the world could see how unique every single person truly is.

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