Story by Warner Otto

As the first semester draws to a close, that means that it’s getting closer to saying goodbye to the seniors, including Lana Stallings On Thursday and Friday night, she took part in her last winter dance concert.

“I am going to miss my sisters and just everybody I had a chance to connect with through dance and just through meeting them in these classes and performing in front of everyone,” Lana said. “I thoroughly enjoy doing that.”

Lana says she is looking forward to performing in front of her family and showing them how hard she has worked all semester.

With Lana being on the Dazzlers and in Dance 5, it takes work to be ready for the concert. It’s all about practicing and working towards making corrections in the dances.

“Well for the concert, we have class every other day [to practice] for Dazzlers” Lana said. “As for dance 5, we just practice really hard and are always going over corrections and preparing for this concert.”

Lana has always been interested in dance but she never got the opportunity to take a dance class in middle school. Lana has been dancing even when she came to the high school.  

“I have been dancing since 7th grade but I was not talented until freshman year,” Lana said.

Lana said is most excited to see all the different performances and dances. She’s looking forward to the emotions that come out in the dances.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the different performances and different types of dances and emotions that are portrayed in the program,” Lana said.

Lana said she has always been interested in dance since she was little, but didn’t consider herself talented. It took hard work to get to be the dancer she is today.

“I was always interested in dancing since I was little so I knew that I enjoyed it so I wanted to try it; I was not always technically ‘talented’ but I just always loved dancing to music,” Lana said.

Lana has worked for years to become the dancer she is today. She gives advice to people who are just starting to dance.

“ Don’t give up, don’t be afraid to step outside of your box,” she said. “ Always try new movements and just explore and find yourself through dance.”

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