Story by Grace Whisman

Last week I was given the opportunity to see Pitch Perfect 3, Last Call Pitches at AMC Classic Harbison 14.

After previously viewing and enjoying Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, with its great sense of humor and romance, I was very disappointed with how Pitch Perfect 3 felt like more of a bad action movie than an actual comical romance.

Even though actress Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, is one of the key roles in Pitch Perfect, she was over dramatized and it took away from her weird comical appearance on screen.

The music choices were very well thought out for this musical comedy. However, the final performance that was performed by actress Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca, felt that the moment could have been more impactful. It was less powerful compared to the previous songs that were performed.

The storyline is very important when making a movie, no matter the cast. This particular storyline was poorly thought out, and I felt they ran out of ideas when figuring out how to develop the plot.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Last Call Pitches a very low rating of 32 percent, shocking when comparing Rotten Tomatoes percentage to the first Pitch Perfect with was given a high score of 80 percent.

If I rated this movie I would give it a 40 percent. I feel that even though the storyline was sadly constructed, the actors were still funny enough to keep it just below 50 percent.

If you’re looking for a good movie to see, this would not be your best option. The movie really is not worth your money.

It is more likely to be recommended to watch on a lazy day. You never know, you might even get a good laugh or two from this film.

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