Story by Anjali McDaniel

On the first day back from Dutch Fork High School’s winter break, students and staff were given another opportunity to get out of school due to a warning for upcoming snow.

“I really don’t think it was necessary. It was just a little snow. I think they overreacted,” junior Kyndal Robinson said.

Administration informed students during their 6B classes that everyone must leave school grounds at 2:10 pm. There was news of snow coming and it was important that students and staff be home safely before any bad weather hit.

“[The early release] had not affected me,” freshman Aleciah Jones said.

Different students used the extra time from the early release to do things that they couldn’t do during normal school hours.

“It gave me time to fix my sleep schedule,” sophomore Jalen Farrington said.  

The snow did not stick to the ground, but there was still a chance of hazardous weather  the night before. Students argued that they shouldn’t have had to come to school and that they should have been let out earlier than 2:10 pm.

“Yes [we needed the early release] totally,” senior Angela Fanning said, “we need more of them, twice a week, on Monday. Actually, I think we needed to [be] released earlier because some people don’t know how to drive [in snowy weather].”

The early release  not only affected students, but teachers as well. Teachers like math teacher Hank Herring got through the day with no time lost because he saw all of his classes, but others were not so fortunate.

“I was looking at my assignment sheet and saw we had an extra day [of class] we could get rid of so I think we’ll be okay,” Herring said.

There was time lost at school because of the early release, but students and staff were happy that they got the extra time off.  

“To tell you the truth,” Herring said, “it’s the best thing to probably happen.”

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