Story by Alexandria Sessions & Justice Nawman

The new brewhouse on Harbison, BJ’s, is a great place to catch a major game, whether it be baseball or soccer, they’ve got it.

When walking in you are automatically greeted by the host, who has a very warm and welcoming attitude. If you’ve ever been to a place like Wild Wing Cafe, then you have a picture of what it’s like inside.

The theme seems to be like a clean empty garage. There are at least 6 flat screen TVs placed around the infrastructure so everyone can watch the game that is on.

Each table or booth is large enough for a party of about eight, but don’t let the word ‘brewhouse’ fool you. There is a bar present and it does serve alcohol, but like always the purchaser has to show their ID.

From what I observed there were kids there, including my brother, and two other girls who seemed to be in middle school. The food option further backs up my observation because there is a kid’s menu with the basics, like chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, etc.

Also, they had many types of options for food, from seafood and pizza to soups and salads. However, the prices were a bit absurd, according to my experience and customer reviews on Yelp. The prices did not match the quality of the food, not that it was bad but from my experience, it could depend on what the customer ordered. With so many dining options, customers are sure to find something they enjoy.

Other than those issues, BJ’s still received plenty of five-star reviews. It’s a great place to come together and watch a game or two with friends and family.

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