Story by Warner Otto

Last Thursday, students got together after school with their clubs to take pictures for the yearbook. Students are able to look back in their yearbooks to see all the things they have accomplished in high school. According to senior Riley Goldstein, her favorite thing about joining a club is getting to meet new people, building friendships, and getting involved in the community.

There may be students who are struggling to interact with people and make new friends, but joining a club could lead you to find what you enjoy doing.

“It gives you a sense of identity within your school which gives you a sense of belonging,” Activity sponsor Kelly Payne said.

Clubs can help you to become more comfortable with the school and the people around you. It can help give you an idea of what you have in common with others.

“It can help with your social skills and teamwork,” freshman Colby Phillips said.

A club can be a great thing for people who just want to find something to do because they have a lot of free time. According to sophomore Nick Willoughby, he recommends that people join a club because it can give you something to do besides sit at home all day.  

If you decide to join a club at school,  you can end up having more fun than you anticipated. You could also find new interests that you may end up wanting to pursue in the long run.

“I say you should do it because you don’t know, it might be fun,” Colby said.

At first, finding a club that interests you and relates to you may be hard, so you have to do your research in order to find what you are looking for.

“Research what a club motto is and make sure it aligns with your personal interest and make sure you fall through with your commitment,” Payne said.

The clubs that your friends or siblings have joined could easily spark your interest. You could find a new passion to invest your time in.

“My brother joined the same [drama] club before me and I really liked the atmosphere so why not,” Nick said.

Whatever club you choose to join, you should always try to be comfortable with the people around you. You shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself and should show people who you truly are.

“I say don’t be afraid to join a club and don’t be afraid to be yourself,” Riley said.

Having more than one club that you are interested in joining could benefit you. According to junior Caden Cronan, make sure to have a wide horizon so that you don’t have any expectations for people so you are able to get to know them faster.

If people are looking to pursue their interest or make new friends, joining a club would be amazing for that. Joining a club can help you learn a lot from your teachers and fellow peers.

“I think it helps people stay accountable in school,” Payne said. “you wanna stay plugged in because if not you don’t feel like your apart of things.”

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