Story and Photo by Alexandria Sessions

Students came back from a two-week winter break ready to hit the ground running in preparation for the second semester. Teachers arrived with lessons prepared, but it was merely impossible because the wifi was not working.

Many issues stemmed from this problem because not only does it interfere with lesson plans throughout the day, but students can’t access their work on Google Drive unless it was marked offline.

With a school so heavily dependent on wifi, this problem needed to be solved as soon as possible.

The wifi was out for the entire district, but some teachers and a  few lucky students still had connection, while others just wouldn’t connect.

Teachers received an email informing them that the District was contacting Microsoft and getting to the root of the problem, prompting them to keep trying for a  connection.

For teachers who could still access the internet, their classes followed their normal schedule, but students were not able to access work saved in their Google Drive or turn in assignments on Google Classroom.

With the district pushing schools to use technology, more issues like this will arise and must be fixed within a day or two. Considering how much it is utilized every day, the district office should be on top of it.

Most teachers have  ‘busy work’ set aside for when the wifi isn’t working or when other problems came about. Others whose lesson plans were either online or driven by a software that required internet, most likely sat and did work for another class.

Dutch Fork needs to be ready for when the wifi isn’t working so teachers will not be scrambling to get classwork for their students.

A quick fix for situations such as the wifi being down or when Chromebooks just aren’t working right, is by having an equal amount of work that uses technology and an equal amount of work on paper.

It is always great when a teacher offers a paper copy for what was put online, because now there’s no excuse for work not to be done.

If the wifi proceeds to go out during the end of the school year, during the hot days, the school will not have air conditioning and that will pose a bigger issue, because heat has been proven to evoke grumpy attitudes.

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