Story by Sabrina Santos

When winter comes, so do many illnesses. This winter influenza, commonly known as the flu, has spread throughout Irmo. A good way to avoid getting the flu is getting the flu vaccine.

“Yes [I got the flu shot], because my doctor told me to,” junior John Sandlin said.

However, not everyone gets a flu shot, and someone can get the illness in different ways.

“No, cause last time I got [the flu shot], I [had gotten the flu shot],” freshman Alexia Onate said.

Senior Taylor Brown agrees with Alexia; some people do get sick from getting the flu shot since the vaccine is the virus, but it is inactive. Whether they got the vaccine or not, many people have been out of school due to influenza. It has been officially stated that it has become an epidemic.

“Yes [it is a serious problem], because a lot of people have been out sick,” John said.

If someone is sick, they should stay home for at least 24  hours after their fever is gone, so they do not come to school and spread the virus to other students.

“[The flu] can spread and cause many students to miss school, therefore they will not get an education,” Alexia said.

With so many students absent, teachers need to compensate for them and allow students to catch up on all their work.

“Probably post more on Google Classroom,” sophomore Gabrielle Niles said.

With access to technology and the Internet, Taylor and John agree on having the teachers put all their missing work online, and if needed the teachers can also help the student with their work.

“I’m putting everything in Google classroom,” math teacher Caitlin Attaway said, “which I always do anyway and try to send them special emails that say like, ‘Hey. Make sure you check google classroom while you’re gone.’ It’s hard with it being the end of the quarter, but I’m trying to give extensions on makeup work as much as I can.”

The students at home with influenza are feeling miserable.

“Yes [I got the flu],” Alexia said, “I was sick, cold, hot, miserable and devastated.”

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