Story by Warner Otto

Last week, when students returned to school from winter break, the internet was down. Students use their school-issued Chromebooks to get work done, so without internet, the students and teachers had to adjust to having no internet.

“It was kind of inconvenient,” freshman Maliah Jefferson said. “I didn’t really learn much; I guess it wasn’t really productive.”

It can be stressful for students not to have internet access because it makes it more difficult to complete assignments  (especially when students rely on the internet to use their Chromebooks).

“It was kind of  stressful because you couldn’t do anything in class,” junior Zachery Cartledge said

The Chromebooks provide students with access to the internet to make school work easier. It gives students the ability to get work done at school.

“Without internet I’m not able to quickly look up stuff on the internet to check myself or research or study,” Zachery said.

The lack of internet last week made it difficult for teachers to teach their students through the access of the internet. It was also hard for students to participate in the activities that teachers were doing.

“I felt bad I wasn’t able to turn in stuff during school,” senior Corrigan Daniels said. “I wasn’t able to participate in the activities the teachers wanted us to do.”

Having no internet puts a delay on teachers being able to teach, which puts them behind on lessons. According to Maliah the most difficult part of not having the internet was not being able to use spare time to work on other assignments.

Even though there were obstacles because there was no internet, class time couldn’t be wasted. So students and teachers had to utilize paper and books in order to continue with class.

“I would just try to stay ahead of the game by doing a lot of my work at home,” Corrigan said.

Technology can come with lots of complications and the internet could go out again, so students and teachers can try to prepare for the next time this happens. According to Corrigan, if the internet goes down again she would try to stay ahead of the game by getting lots of work done at home.

If the internet does go down again in the future, teachers should try to prepare lessons ahead of time that requires no internet access. So that the next time this happens teachers can still be able to teach their students.

“I understand the school is trying to be more Internet-friendly,” sophomore Tyrilk McDaniels said, “but the teachers need to be more organized when the internet does go out.”

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