Story By Anjali McDaniel

The Ms. Silver Fox Pageant is a pageant for the girls at Dutch Fork High School to participate in expressing themselves and showing their confidence and beauty to their school, family, and friends.

“I think that the pageant is a good thing for girls to gain more self-confidence and feel more beautiful and have a night of fun,” sophomore Kayla Rice said.

Dutch Fork’s JROTC puts on the pageant for the school. They organize and gather volunteers to help make the pageant successful. Aerospace science instructor Joseph Whetstine has been helping with the pageant since he first arrived.

“I’m expecting a lot of new faces this year and experiences of what they remember most about it,” Whetstine said.

JROTC took on the responsibility of organizing the pageant show. Students thought this was another way for them to help out in the school and help the students that need help during the pageant time.

“[JROTC puts on the pageant show] to make people feel better about themselves,” freshman Olivia Torain said.

Students that enter the pageant are ready to express themselves and create new experiences.

“I decided to do the pageant because for reasons about confidence, because I feel like it’s important to have confidence,” Kayla said.

There are girls who are not doing the pageant that still feel that it is a good cause that helps the girls participating in it.

“I think it’s a great way for students to meet new friends and [have] new experiences,” senior Emma Bagley said.

The students seem to share an opinion that the pageant is for people to have fun and express their beauty and confidence in a moving way. This helps in boosting positive messages for the pageant and the girls who are entering.

“If I were to do the pageant,” junior Caroline Jones said, “I would decide to do it because I think it would be fun and a great way to express my personality and confidence.”

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