Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Ammar Dossaji

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer. These are the sports that come to mind when you talk about getting active and playing a sport. The ultimate frisbee club looks to change that mindset.

“The goal for the club at Dutch Fork is to start a new trend. Ultimate frisbee is popular at other schools and we wanted to open it up to Dutch Fork,” senior Ammar Dossaji said.

“The idea hatched from a group of seniors who enjoyed playing the game over the summer and wanted to keep it going,” senior Revon Landreneau said.

“We played a lot and wanted to keep it going so we decided to make it an official club and begin playing other schools,” Revon said.

Revon approached math teacher David Kennedy about sponsoring the club, and he agreed to do so.

“One of the guys came up to me, I think it was Revon. I love ultimate frisbee and I agreed to be the sponsor,” Kennedy said “Russell Young used to do it, he was a teacher here. I would certainly play it more if I had more time.”

The environment of the club is one of its biggest draws, according to senior Jake Madsen. It provides a relaxed feel and a chance for people with similar interests to get together and toss a frisbee.

“The captains are all supportive and everyone self-referees the game. It’s a good environment and we all just want to have fun,” Jake said.

The school’s team gets together and plays other schools on the weekend, all while sporting their own Dutch Fork Frisbee jerseys.

“We have team members that we made contact with from the other schools and we played with kids from Dreher and AC Flora,” said Revon “They made their own teams and we set up fields on a Saturday for tournaments 3-4 times.”

Jake has been playing the game for almost his entire life, and he is not the first member of his family to get involved with the sport.

“My dad played a lot in college and he taught me how to play. I guess I’m carrying on his legacy,” Jake said.

So far the team has enjoyed success against the other clubs they have played on their weekend tournaments, posting a 4-1 record.

“We have four wins so far, with wins against AC Flora and Lexington. We also finished second in our first tournament,” Revon said.

Although it is a new club, the Ultimate Frisbee Club still offers a chance for similar people to get together and have a good time, staying active and playing a sport that they enjoy.

“It’s great, a good chance to meet new people with the same interests as you,” Kennedy said,“And the ultimate frisbee club gives you the chance to exercise at the same time.”

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