Story by Anjali McDaniel

The school had a safety inspection a few weeks ago to monitor any hazards, construction, health, sanitation, and overall safety of the school.

“It is an effort to just bring a district person into the school, so that we work together as a team to make sure that the school is kept up to date,” assistant principal William English said.

Students have their own say in how they think the school’s inspection went.

“[I think the school inspection went] bad. We had lights off, water didn’t run, cold on cold days, [and] hot on hot days,” sophomore Ethan Burrell said.

There were positive and negative comments all around about the inspection with students giving their input on what things the school could improve.

“[The school needs to improve on] their roach problem, [by getting] exterminators,” freshman Jana Nahra said.

The inspection will allow people at Dutch Fork to give their opinion on how they think the school should improve. Students think that the inspection will provide assistance for positive changes for the school.

“It [improving the school] does benefit us as long as they make the changes [we suggest],” senior Lakelyn Malovic said.

One thing that the students interviewed seem to agree on is that the restrooms are not upheld correctly. They say the sanitation in the restrooms is unsatisfactory and the school needs to improve on keeping them cleaner.

“The cleanliness [needs to be improved] and cleaning the bathrooms more is very important,” junior Rachel Newberry said.

While there is controversy among students about the results of the inspection, English teacher Jay Gilliam says he has heard limited comments about it.

“I don’t really know [our school’s rating],” Gilliam said, “They didn’t tell us any results as far as how we did, but I do know that one of the guys that came in here said there were a lot of spaces, like in the walls, and so that’s kind of worrisome and I would hope it’d [the results would] be better than that.”

The school needs improvements, but there are also many positive things that help Dutch Fork High School keep standing tall.

“I definitely think it [the inspection] will [help the school improve],” Gilliam said, “It may cause some [changes], like if they find the need for construction, then it may cause some discomfort just if there is new construction, or whatever they decide to do. I think in the long run, that what’s most important is that we have a safe facility where students are able to learn well and feel comfortable being in it all day, and teachers.”


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