Story by Morgan Wilkinson and Alexandria Sessions, Photo by Goflashwin 

As the season starts for the baseball team, who is now kicking off their games off with trendy fashion. The baseball team looks forward to another year of great achievements and new uniforms to show off on the field.

“I think they’re pretty sweet and could add a whole lot more swag to our team,” junior Bryan Helms said.

The boys on the baseball team feel like the new uniforms will bring a lot of confidence to the team itself, as well as diversity to the team amongst others. Their uniforms could make them stand out more.

“I think we’ll play better ‘cause we have more confidence,” sophomore Anthony DeMasi said.

Not only will the baseball team show off their skills and talent but their style as well. The team likes the uniforms because they are different than any other high schools’ uniforms that they play against.

“I like the pinstripes,” sophomore Doug Webb said. “Not many teams have them. And we  also have the high socks which are cool.”

The baseball players, always concerned about their ability to play well and do their best,  are also always concerned about their looks and are trying to impress the spectators with their appearance on the field.

“I think it will bring some excitement to the team because we’ll look good,” Doug said.

The players are ecstatic about the new uniforms but are going to miss the old uniforms as well. It’s bittersweet leaving behind the uniforms that the baseball team has had during wins and losses.

“I think yes [I will miss them]. I will miss them because we kinda played most of our games in those,” Anthony said.

The transition from the old to new uniforms has been a very exciting yet dramatic change.

Considering the changes in the design, the new uniforms are very different and the team will look brand new on the field.

“They’re a lot different than what we used to have,” senior Kyle Ecton said. “I like the pinstripes.”

Helms agrees that the old ones were pretty cool but he definitely likes the new ones a lot better.

Overall the baseball team approves of the new uniforms and likes them better than the uniforms from last year. The team is excited to play in the uniforms and show them off in the upcoming year.

“If we look good, we’ll play good,” Helms said. “It gives our team a newfound confidence.”

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