Story by Warner Otto, Photo by Grace Whisman

Schools across the US have made the switch to school uniforms. Every school has their reason for making the switch, and everyone has an opinion whether school uniforms should be enforced in schools. According to junior Kate Land, she believes students shouldn’t wear uniforms because they should be able to express their own personalities and that if students had to wear uniforms, spirit week wouldn’t exist.

There have been statistics that say that uniforms improve academic performance. If students didn’t have to worry about what they were going to wear, then grades will improve.

“I do think we can make the connection, yes. It takes some of the stress off of kids in different ways,” assistant administrator Justin Thomas said. “I feel like it’s one less thing a student has to worry about.”

There are students who do agree that uniforms can help decrease the problems of dress code violations. However, there are students who would disobey the uniform rules anyways.

“There are some benefits and also some disadvantages. People will try to find loopholes to get out of their uniforms if they oppose it,” Kate said. “But it would decrease the amount of dress code violations.”

While some do agree that wearing school uniforms could help to enforce the dress code more,some do disagree, and think that what you wear has no effect on academic performance.

“No [there aren’t benefits to school uniforms] because one you need to use self expression and your academic performance is not determined by the clothes you wear,” sophomore Maya Fanning said.

The amount of time students could save at night or in the morning without having to worrying about the clothes you need to wear to school. According to senior Jailynn Richardson, uniforms could possibly be beneficial for students because she picks out her clothes at night and it takes an hour or two to pick clothes out.

If schools did decide to start the rule for students to wear uniforms it could be helpful to students to show more responsibility and behaviors from students could improve as well.

“[Uniforms could improve the school because it could make students look] a little more like responsible,” freshman Jadeyn Grosh said.

Uniforms would help decrease the number of dress code violations from students. It wouldn’t be a problem because students would be told what to wear for uniform and schools would enforce it.

“Yeah I think it can improve the school,” Thomas said, “I think it would help tighten up dress code, make it more transparent and make it a lesser thing to worry about for students.”

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