Story and photo by Anjali McDaniel

The school year is approaching its end soon and it’s the time for students to meet with their guidance counselors to discuss classes and future plans for the following year.

“We look at the students and their interests and we also look at their performance,” guidance director  Dr. Donna Huger said. “We also rely on teacher recommendations because it’s the teacher that works with the student on a daily basis, and what we do is look at all of that and determine what the student’s future plans are, what major they might want to complete after high school, and then we put all of that together and make the best recommendation for a schedule. We do look at encouraging students to work at the maximum capacity that they can.”

Students decide on which classes they want to take and then discuss with their guidance counselors during their yearly Individual Graduation Plan meetings.

“I started [choosing classes] with what I know I like and dislike and what could benefit me in the future,” sophomore Nya Gerald said.

Some classes offered are made to help students prepare for future jobs and develop different interests.

“[I’m taking an] anatomy class, so it can help me with my career [as a doctor],” freshman Breonna Truesdale-Richardson said.

New classes are starting to be offered in different places. Junior Dallas Wise says that he thinks Dutch Fork should start offering new classes that help students better prepare for their adult lives. Social studies teacher Karen McMillan says she thinks a sports history class should be offered and other classes that can help students relax during the day, such as a knitting class.

Seniors are taking on a new chapter in their lives after high school.

“Yes, [I’m looking forward to college because] I’m ready to meet new faces and explore the world,” senior Jaedon Williams said.

Not all seniors plan on attending college right after high school. They have other passions they want to pursue instead.

“[I’m going into the] military [because I want to go into the marines and] I’ve always wanted to,” senior Zachary Walker said.

Guidance counselors take a big part in deciding the students schedules for next year and helping people plan for their future. They want to make a connection with the students, so that they can help them prepare in the best way.

“Get to know your counselor,” Dr. Huger said, “Make them your best friend. I am always waiting on students to come say ‘hi’, but get to know them. That’s what we’re here for and we want to know how to make life easier for you and make these transitions easier for you to make these the best years of high school, even though you’re leaving us.”

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