Story by Stephen Wise, Photos by Goflashwin

Hands on their hips, brows soaked in sweat, their season was over at the hands of their rivals. This year, they are not planning on feeling that defeat again. The boys’ lacrosse team coined the term “Unfinished Business” over the offseason and are intent on putting everything they have into every game with the hopes of winning a state championship.

“Losing to Blythewood, one of our teams rivals, in the playoffs last year was painful for everyone on the team,” senior Kyle Jensen said, “This year, our team phrase is Unfinished Business, because we feel like we have the opportunity to do something bigger this year.”

The team wanted to come back stronger, faster, and better at the game this season, so many players worked on their skills over the summer by playing in recreational leagues and conditioning.

“Almost all of our players have played fall ball and summer league and that’s definitely helped,” senior Jack Werts said, “We’ve gotten better shooters, our attack is really good and ultimately just getting better at the game. Before that most people only played during the season, so we are definitely hungrier this year.”

With it being their last season, the seniors on the team have taken on the responsibility of leading the team and setting an example for the underclassmen players on the team.

“I’ve always had a big leadership role on the field but as a senior I really feel that my role as a leader is much more important because the underclassmen look up to me and the other seniors,” senior Matthew Poston said.

The team’s expectations for this season are high, as they want to end their season with a win in the state championship. After making it to the second round last year, the bar has been set high.

“I plan to go to state and win,” senior Chaz Holden said, “Our team will accomplish this through failure, this is because you have to fail in order to have success.”

Four games into the season, the team has only one loss. Sophomore Austin Beasley wants to keep it that way.

“We have been playing well and only have one loss, and honestly we should not have any more than that,” Austin said, “I think we will do well.”

Even though the season is still young, there have been opportunities for the team to grow and prepare for a successful run in the playoffs.

“The best learning experience so far is when everything went wrong against A.C. Flora,” senior Perrin Berry said, “We learned from that and know we have to show up every game and take no opponent lightly.”

One strategy that the lacrosse team has used to improve since last season is shifting their attitude and come back hungry for a championship ring on their finger.

“Since last year’s disappointing finish, we have been playing with a chip on our shoulder,” Kyle said, “We are out to make a name for ourselves and dominate whoever we play, and that shows in our team’s attitude. This is our last ride, and we have to make it count.”

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