Story by Caroline Hine

Thousands of fans across the world have prepared for the moment when they would finally see what the Black Panther hype has been all about. Theaters everywhere sold out of tickets within hours of going on sale; so quickly that some even opened up additional theaters to be able to hold more showings. Being the first superhero movie centered around an African cast, thousands went to see the movie to check it out.

With the release of Captain America: Civil War, many got to see the introduction of T’Challa, King of Wakanda. Fans were excited to hear that he would be getting his own movie, coming almost 2 years after his introduction. Black Panther is filled with intense fight scenes and comedic moments, and with a PG-13 rating, the number of parents willing to bring their children to see the movie has been exponentially greater than for Marvel movies in the past.

The film began with a prologue scene, very untraditional for a Marvel movie, which usually immediately begins with the Marvel theme. Throughout the film, numerous secrets about Wakanda and its history are revealed to the audience, helping previous movie moments to make sense and giving way to a Marvel fan’s love: the “Aha!” moment. Soundtrack executive producer Kendrick Lamar includes blends of hip-hop and cinematic scores. This soundtrack not only has the hip-hop style of Lamar but also has the African sounds that make it blend with the concept.

Black Panther has broken multiple box office records, making $241.9 million on the first weekend in theaters. It quickly broke records that made it the biggest February opening weekend, the biggest non-sequel opening weekend, biggest solo superhero launch of all time, and gave it multiple additional titles. While it didn’t have the Valentine’s Day sales advantage, it smashed the ticket sales of both Deadpool and Fifty Shades of Grey, which both had the Valentine’s Day boost.

Ratings include an impressive 97% from the Tomatometer and 5 stars from Common Sense Media, both of which Ryan Coogler should be proud. On opening weekend, the first 50 critics that reviewed Black Panther came to a total of 100%, beating the rating for The Dark Knight, which was the highest rated film of all time for them.

Without a doubt, this has been among the most successful films from Marvel Studios in cinematic history. Now all eyes and ears of Marvel fans are firmly focused on the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War in April.

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