Photo and Story by Anjali McDaniel

Dutch Fork High School is creating a new lunch schedule for students and staff. The school has decided to try and combine third and fourth-lunch, which will ultimately lead to three lunches instead of four.

“We noticed on A days, third-lunch was really small and on B days, second-lunch was really small, so we got the idea to lose fourth-lunch to see what it’s like to have the bigger lunches because what we’d like to do next year is have a lunch and a time for academic assistance, so we didn’t want to just dive in and do that, not knowing if we could accommodate that or not.” assistant principal Christian English said.

Students say that they are concerned about the way the three lunch schedule will affect them and how it will be different from the four lunch schedule.

“[I would prefer] four [lunches] because people could get more work done and people would have more opportunities to get snacks before class,” freshman Jacob Commander said.

The new lunch schedule is combining third and fourth-lunch, so more students will be together after the transition. Junior Johnnie Thomas said he is happy with the new infusion of students at third-lunch.

“[I think three lunches would work because] you would get to eat with more of your friends and get time to do something else,” Johnnie said.

Students now say that they are stressed with the time that they are given for lunch. Even though the school is going down to three lunches, the times for lunches are staying the same, so there doesn’t have to be a new time schedule introduced.

“I don’t think there would be a change in class time [with the new schedule],” senior Connor Willoughby said.

The transition from four to three lunches is just the beginning. Next year, the school is trying to get the amount of lunches down to only two.

“I’m wondering about how crowded it will be because there’s a lot of students, so I don’t know if it [the cafeteria] fits two lunches,” sophomore Tabby Lo said.

The schedule change seems to be a shock to students and staff, but the school is working with everyone to try to make the transition as easy as possible.  

“I think it will end up working out,” science teacher Brittany Holden said, “well once everything gets planned.”

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