Reporter Sarah Ellis interviews juniors Karynton Odom and Felicity Collum about the walk out.

Story by Warner Otto, Photos by Christian Banks

Last month, there was a school shooting in Florida and 17 lives were lost. Everyone nationwide is protesting and standing up to make a change. There have been walkouts and students who have been emailing, tweeting, texting, and calling elected officials. There have also been students who are old enough that have registered to vote.

“I feel as if it will give students an opportunity to make a difference,” freshman Alexia Onate.

The younger generation could make an impact on elections and could be the push that can make the changes happen relating to gun control.

“It’ll show that the younger generation actually cares about the future,” senior Kyle Edgington said.

Photo by Christian Banks

Students coming together and taking a stand on school safety could make a potential change nationwide.

“I think it’ll help politicize students because this is something they can take a stand in,” social studies teacher Steve Fisher said.

People who participated in the walkout had a chance to voice their opinions and gives them a chance to speak out on what they believe in.

“I decided to participate in the walkout because it gives me the opportunity and right to voice my opinion out to the public,” junior Blaize Caraway said.

According to Blaize, contacting your congressman is another alternative to walking out. There were students who stayed behind and sat in their classrooms to contacted elected officials by tweeting, emailing, calling, and texting.

Students have the opportunity to walkout and voice their opinions through the first amendment which gives you the right to freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble.

“It gives the young people a voice, it lets us exercise our freedom of expression,” Kyle said.

The walkout happened worldwide to speak out about what happened, promote  change, and try to make schools safer.

“I think you know the first amendment we have the right to petition to address change,” Fisher said.

The State News Article on the walk outs 


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