Story by Jada Metze

Even though this was only a drill, there were still concerns on what was happening during With all of the recent school shootings that have been happening around the US, Dutch Fork High School is doing its best to prepare their students and staff for these types of situations as best as they possibly can.

“Yes, these drills are important because we know now that things are happening, such as school shootings and it’s good that our school is taking precaution and practicing for these things. It’s scary, but we need to do these drills,” sophomore Johanna Slot said.

For some students and faculty members, the intruder drill was convenient because of where they were located in the building, but for others, it was difficult.

“I feel like it was good and bad at the same time because students in different areas had a hard time getting to classrooms,” senior Rigoberto Arteaga said.

Unannounced intruder drills or drills in general could be very helpful, so that wherever you are in the building, you will be prepared in case of an emergency.

“Yes [these drills are helpful] because we know the students wouldn’t know what they’d do in the hallways or any transitions,” special education teacher Debbie English said.

There are positive outcomes of doing the unannounced drills at school.

“Yes, I do like the drills,” junior Caroline Jones said, “because it is giving us an idea of what we need to do and what we should be prepared to do in a time like that.”

the drill.

“I saw two things; the kids came out of the hall very excited, squealing, screamy, and so getting them quiet, to get them really serious, and I got them to be quiet. I saw one little girl walking slowly, [I] urged her to come on and she kept walking slowly,” English said. “I had to do what I’d do in a real situation and close the door and walk away. Those two things really concerned me. Especially the child walking slow because they’d be in danger.”

These drills are beneficial for everyone which is why they are being enforced.

“Yes [the drills are helpful],” freshman Essence Houston said, “because you never know when a real situation may occur, [so it’s good to practice].”

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