Photo and Story by Destiny White

Dutch Fork high school JROTC program puts on a military ball for all of the cadets in the program each year. “The military ball is a way for all of us to connect and get to know each other between flights. We are usually in our own flight so when we all come together, it’s a great way for us to get to know other flight members,” junior Hannah Leydig said. Although preparing for military ball takes time, in the end, it pays off for the students and NCO club members who made it all happen. “This military ball is set up by our seniors and they manage the unit, so they have to reserve the NCO club over fort Jackson and they have to send out the invitations, then they arrange what they have to do with the food, they sell candy bars and the funds that we earn for that, we use that for the Military Ball.” JROTC instructor Sergeant Whetstine said. According to senior Zachary Taylor preparing for military ball takes a while but the food is worth all the wait. “The best part is the food, the worst part is putting it together and setting it up.” Zachary said. Military ball is a wonderful night filled with fun, laughter, and dancing. “Yes I’m ready,”  JROTC instructor Major Slade said,” “and I can’t wait to see sergeant Whetstine do the funky chicken dance.”

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