Story and Design by Laura Santos

Students feel no need to react to a school threat because their clubs are more important. Resource officers do not stay after school; their workday ends at the same time as students. Administration stays at school with students for after-school activities, such as clubs. Administrators are in the building, usually walking around and checking the hallways after school. Administrators say they want to keep students safe while at school, anytime throughout the day.

“As administration gets everyone out the building, the only people in the building should be the ones who are in the clubs, academic assistance, [and] teams,” assistant principal Justin Thomas said. “We’re really doing a good job getting people out of the building and making sure that only those who are with authorized adults are in the building.” Junior Megan Spencer said she feels safe as long as she is with her friends.   “I feel very safe. I don’t feel like there’s a threat to my safety at the [club] meeting,” senior Beta Club president Jaylen Jones said. “There’s also a lot of people there, so I don’t know if more people means more safety you know, rather than being by yourself.”

Sophomore Gabrielle Niles said she feels the same way as Jaylen, with safety in numbers.
“I don’t think that clubs are in danger at all,” Thomas said, “Because we do a great job getting people out, the doors are locked, we have several adults, custodians, administrators, [and] teachers who are still around the building, it’s a very secure location.” Sophomore Seth MacPhail is a part of the VEX  Robotics Club, who met outside in engineering teacher Sondra Suarez’s room. Seth said he does feel like it makes a difference from meeting in the portable outside versus the main building.  

“During community service events when we are out in the community, I do want to make sure that everyone’s safe, comfortable, socially, mentally, [and] physically safe,” Jaylen said. “Maybe my concern is really [to] go out and do the service rather than at school.”

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