Story and Photo by Destiny White

Seniors everywhere tend to catch a common cold called Senioritis towards the end of every school year. Students question is senioritis really real or is it just another word students come up with describing the word lazy. “No I think it’s just a word we use when we’re over the work and just want to get out of school”senior Michaela Richburg said. According to senior Jody Garrick the effects of senioritis are slacking off of work and studies. “Not caring as much about being late and especially not caring about classes you don’t need to graduate.” senior Jody Garrick said. Students in the senior class tend to lose motivation in their academics. “I barely do any homework,” senior Dexter Martinez said. Though there are cons to senioritis there are also pros to being a senior such as having senior study halls, leaving early, and having freedom. “My favorite part about being a Senior is the study halls,” senior Tatyana Young said.” “You get to leave early, come late, or both.”

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